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英語で: Japanese food is known to be among the most healthy in the world. Fermentation is a major part of the Japanese diet. Most infamous of the fermented ingredients is a type of fermented soy beans known as natto.

It is packed full of probiotics and vitamin K2. Claimed health benefits from eating natto include improved digestion, blood vessels, bones, skin quality, and a strengthened immune system.


英語で: Natto is an acquired taste. It has a pungent smell and a sticky-slimy consistency that takes getting used to.

Japanese: 納豆を食べました。ちょっとむずかしかった、でもオムライスにしたから大丈夫でした。

Ready for eating

英語で: Strangely enough, it has never taken off as the superfood that it clearly is.

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