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英語で: A few hours north of Sendai, one can find Hiraizumi. In the twelfth century, this small town was briefly the centre of what is now Tohoku. The Chuuson-ji (temple) became a Buddhist centre for the region, attracting many artisans from Kyoto. The main remnant of these days is the Konjikido, a richly decorated, golden hall.

Japanese: 平泉町に行きました。金色堂をみました、そしてわんこそばたべました。



Concrete building with the Konjikido inside, no photographs allowed.


Hondo, or main hall of Chuuson-ji.

The region’s famous wanko soba, noodles in little bowls. (Before)



Normally, these are served tabehoudai (all you can eat) fashion, with certificates given for goals reached. In Hiraizumi they serve a fixed number of bowls.


Summer grasses.

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