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Golden Week

えいごで: On the last day of April and the beginning of May there is a concentration of four national holidays: Shouwa day, Constitution day, Greenery day and Children’s day. Many Japanese take leave to ensure a week long holiday, called Golden Week, where golden refers to the increase in revenue to the tourism and entertainment industry. As one would guess, this is also one of the busier times of the year in the trains, plains and tourist spots of Japan. I suspect there also may have been a noticable increase of Japanese tourists in other areas of the world, so if you happened to notice such, you now know the reason for this.

Japanese: ゴールデンウィークに東京へゆきました。

えいごで: Meiji-jingu is a shrine dedicated to the spirits of Emperor Meiji and Empress Shouken. As I understand it, the sake and wine barrels which are on display are actually empty, symbolising the donations of sake to the shrine from the brewers.

Japanese: めいじじんぐう

えいごで: Spring and holidays make for busy parks. Ueno park is surrounded by museums and a zoo, naturally I also visited the science museum.

Japanese: うえのこうえんとこくりつかがくはくぶつかん

えいごで: Kichijoji is the number one place where people in Japan wish to live. This charming neighbourhood has many small shops and borders on Inokashira park.

Japanese: いのかしらおんしこうえん

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