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えいごで: Last December a new underground line opened in Sendai. The new Tozai (east-west) line is particularly convenient to reach the university in the snowy winter. The new trains use a linear induction motor for propulsion.

Japanese: きょねんの十二月仙台に東西線はじめた。

えいごで: In the Sendai underground one can use either paper tickets or the local IC card.

Japanese: 仙台のちかてつにきっぷとICかーどをつかいことができる。

えいごで: Taking pictures of the arriving train.

Japanese: 駅はしゃしんをとった人たくさんがいた。

えいごで: The train.

Japanese: でんしゃ。

えいごで: Information screen. At the moment it indicates the next station name in Korean.

Japanese: 韓国語で!

えいごで: Getting off at Aoba-mountain. Which means many, many escalators to reach the top.

Japanese: あおば山のエスカレーターながい!

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