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New Year Soba 3

Japanese: そばのつくりかたむずかしい!

えいごで: Soba noodles require some attention. Use about 60-100g per portion. Don’t throw the whole packet of noodles into the water in one go, but loosen them into the boiling water.

Cook them in calmly boiling water (not a roiling boil) for the time indicated on the packet (probably 5 minutes).

Cool the noodles under running water. Wash the noodles thouroughly, gently rubbing them together.

In the beginning the water is murky. Change the water regularly.

After around three or four times of renewing the water, when it is clear after rubbing the noodles they are ready for serving. The cleaning is essential as it removes the rather unpleasantly tasting starch.

Finally we get to assembling the dish: mix one part kaeshi with four parts dashi to make the soup, more dashi if one prefers a less salty soup.

Put the noodles in the bowls.

Pour the soup, hot or cold according to taste.

Topping to taste, I used spring onion, chrimp and mushroom.

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