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in Japan

Workshop 2015

えいごで: The past week I was in Tokyo for the CTFM2015 workshop. Again I got to meet old acquaintances and make new ones. The logic researchers in Japan form a lively community. Their enthusiasm has also been noticed by the international guests, many of whom are regular visitors now. The focus on a limited number of subjects has helped keep the number of interesting talks high. The relaxed atmosphere helped the younger researchers feel confident enough to approach the international guests. Many of the members of my research group helped with the practical things necessary for organising a successful workshop. I was really impressed by their hard work! The workshop was also a good opportunity to celebrate my host professor’s 60th birthday, as he is the main instigator of the conference series.

During the workshop Japan had the misfortune of getting hit by typhoon Etau combined with a strong tropical storm near the east coast. Parts of Ibaraki, Miyagi and Tochigi prefectures were hit by floods and landslides caused by the heavy rain. Sendai city recommended 400000 people to evacuate due to the high water levels at the rivers.

Japanese: せんしゅうCTFM2015のワークショップに東京へゆった。がいこくじんけんきゅいんたくさんきた。プレゼンテーションはよかった。東京へきたゆうめいなけんきゅうしゃもそういった。おつかれさまでした!



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