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Interesting Food

English: The Japanese often take great delight in entertaining their guests with interesting food. Naturally, anyone visiting Japan nowadays will be fully familiar with famous dishes like sashimi and eel, often before even leaving their country of origin.

にほんごで: ときどきにほんりょうりおもしろい。さしみとあなごおいしかった。

English: This, of course, does not deter true Japanese friends from finding more exotic delicacies for you to sample.

English: Hoya, sea pineapple.

にほんごで: ほやむずかしかった。

English: Shiokara, mashed and salted fish guts.

にほんごで: しおからも。

English: Uni, sea urchin.

にほんごで: うにだいすき。

English: Basashi, raw horse meat.

にほんごで: ばさしおいしかった。

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