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Signs 2

えいごで: Most often missed sign on Aoba mountain.

Japanese: あおば山にじてんしゃでゆきときだれもこのサインをみない。

えいごで: Past Monday I visited Tokyo to give a talk at the Waseda Institute for Advanced study. We experienced quite a strong earthquake minutes before starting. After the seminar we had a very nice and extremely spicy dinner.

Japanese: 月曜日東京へセミナーにいった。セミナーのまえつよいじしんあった。つぎタイりょうりたべった。

えいごで: Yesterday we had a very strong earthquake 1000km south of Japan. NHK reports it was so strong that trains were stopped and several elevators in Tokyo were stuck for several hours.

Japanese: きのうおがさわらぐんとうにすごくつよいじしんあった。東京にでんしゃとエレベーターはとまった。

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