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Miso Soup

にほんごで: みそしるおいしい。オランダへいったとき、つくった。

English: When one is visiting outside of Japan you suddenly notice that essentials like miso soup are not available everywhere. Here is my attempt at preparing it when visiting family in the Netherlands.

Note that normally one can use dried bonito flakes in the stock, because I couldn’t find them here I used dried mushrooms instead.

Prepare konbu (kelp) stock, slowly heat about 2l of water with a strip of dried konbu of 15cm. This takes about half an hour, it should never be boiling. If you have time let the konbu soak in the water for one night before heating for Kyoto-style konbu-stock.

While the konbu is heating, soak some dried mushrooms in a mixture of soy sauce mirin and a tea-spoon of sugar.

Take out the konbu.

Pour the soaking liquid from the mushrooms into the konbu stock.

Slice the mushrooms, some spring union and place in soup bowls with maybe some dried shrimp. Naturally one can add extras like wakame, tofu, etc.

Edit: I highly recommend adding wakame for a more authentic taste.

Premix two tablespoons of miso-paste (white, yellow or red) with the konbu-stock, add into the soup. Again, the soup should be hot, but never be boiling.

Pour the soup.


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