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Small facts Sunday

えいごで: The weather is getting colder this week, including some snow!

Japanese: こんしゅうてんきがさむくなった、ゆきふった。

えいごで: The obligatory food-pictures, the second one contains the rather famous yaki-tori.

Japanese: 日本のやきとりゆうめい。

えいごで: The current Japanese fairy tale concerns an old couple who adopt a white dog to raise as a child. As thanks the dog leads them to a nice bit of gold. The neighbour, getting jealous, tries to get the dog to also lead him to some gold, only to be lead to a stash of scary critters. The neighbour gets angry and kills the dog, somehow I think things will not end well for him.

Japanese: いま、はなさかじをよんでいる。じさまはしろいぬにたかいものをもらう。となりのじさんももらいたい、でもいぬくれない、だからとなりのじはいぬをころす。なんだひどいこと!

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