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Small facts Sunday

English: Last weekend we had an autumn training camp at the aikido club, a few days of somewhat more intensive training sessions given by the teacher who is responsible for our dojo. A few students had an exam, the rest of could watch in seiza for a while. Curiously enough the next few days the trainings were a lot less busy than normal.

にほんごで: せんしゅう秋合宿はかたひらキャンパスで先生のけいこだった。しんさをみたとき、あしがねむった。 45分ぐらいせいざにすわっていったから。

English: In Sendai even many Italian restaurants serve the local speciality.

にほんごで: ぎゅたんイタリアのりょうりじゃない、でもイタリアのレストランはこれをつくれています。

English: Here one enters the bus through the rear door and gets off in front.

ひほんごで: 日本にうしろでバスをのる、ぜんぶでおりる。

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