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にほんごで: ほんのはなしはふたつおなじだ。でも、ちいさなほんをよんでいるとき、ことばがとうわからなかった。おおきのほんのなかでは百ぐらいだった。もちをたべるはからだによい。そうならいました。

English: The small book contained 10 new words, the big one about a hundred. The story of both books is the same: an old man discovers that his house-rat loses to the rich neighbour’s house rat. The old couple decide to give some nutricious mochi to their rat, giving him enough energy to win the next day. When the poor man’s house rat is nice enough to give some mochi to the neighbouring rat the old couple also give each rat a beautiful mawashi. The neighbouring rat is so grateful that he brings some gold coins to the poor couple.

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