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in Japan


にほんごで: にほんのコンビにが4まんあります。コンビにがべんり。たべものとのみものある、そしてコンビにでコピすることとデリベリすることができます。よむひとがたくさんいます。インターネットでかうたかいものをげんきんではいりにいきます。

いまももとみかんとチェリー ある。いただきます!


English: One of the many things making life in Japan easier are the more than 40000 convenience stores. Not only do these shops sell food (onigiri, bento, salad, fruit, drinks) they also provide, among other things, copying service, photo printing, mail delivery and payment services. One can, for example, pay an intercontinental flight ticket at the counter using cash at midnight. Many of the locals also use the shops to pass some idle minutes reading the magazines.

A few weeks ago was the time to enjoy the cherry blossom season. Now is the time to enjoy the resulting cherries.

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