in Japan



英語で: A few hours north of Sendai, one can find Hiraizumi. In the twelfth century, this small town was briefly the centre of what is now Tohoku. The Chuuson-ji (temple) became a Buddhist centre for the region, attracting many artisans from Kyoto. The main remnant of these days is the Konjikido, a richly decorated, golden hall.

Japanese: 平泉町に行きました。金色堂をみました、そしてわんこそばたべました。



Tanabata Festival

英語で: Sendai is host to one of the major Tanabata festivals. The local shopping arcade was turned into a forest of decorations.

Japanese: 仙台はたなばたまつりがありました。アーケードは森そうになりました。


英語で: As mentioned before, rice is the staple of the Japanese diet. Once one knows the basics of cooking it, one can add some extras.

Japanese: きのこごはんつくりました。


The day before, add konbu (kelp) and dried mushrooms to water and leave in the refrigerator to create a dashi.


英語で: Udon are thick wheat noodles, often served in a soup, either hot or cold. The cold version is especially refreshing in the hot weather.

Japanese: となりのうどん!


英語で: Conveyor belt sushi combines Japanese sushi with automation. Particularly convenient for visitors with a Japanese language deficiency (including the undersigned), one can simply pick the dish when one sees it or use the convenient touch screen to select a preferred one. Prices are indicated by the colour of the plate.

Japanese: かいてんずし!いつもべんりとおいしいです。


英語で: To the north of Sendai one can find the Ishinomaki Mangattan Museum. The road to the museum is richly decorated with the manga theme and the building itself is also shaped appropriately.

Japanese: 石巻市へマンガかんに行きました。

Golden Week

英語で: In the beginning of May many Japanese combine several national holidays into a week long holiday, called Golden week. Tourist and shopping destinations are exceptionally busy during this holiday, so it is a perfect time to go to a quiet spot and admire Fuji-san.

Japanese: 富士山!


Japanese: はなみ!

英語で: Cherry-blossom!

Themed Cafe Part 2

英語で: Continuing the investigation into themed cafes, next in line is the bunny cafe. Like the cat cafe, one is asked to wash the hands before entering. Additionally, one should don protective clothing before socialising with the hosts. Unlike cats, these can be easily bribed to approach the guests.

Japanese: うさぎカフェにも行きました。かわいかった!